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June 1st

Introducing Neutriderm BB Cream

Written by Ismay Radisch

For decades Neutriderm has harnessed the power of natural ingredients to develop healthy skin care regimes for men and women. To complement the results-focused skin care range, Neutriderm has proudly developed its first ever BB Cream!  

Here’s what you need to know about this brand new formulation and how it can supercharge your skin care regime.    

What is a BB Cream?  

Let’s start with the basics. BB stands for “beautifying balm”. Not only does the cream nourish and hydrate it also provides the skin with a subtle coverage. Neutriderm BB Cream is designed to soften the complexion and keep skin hydrated – perfect for everyday wear.  

Who Should Use It?  

Neutriderm BB Cream provides the skin with moisture-rich, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits for bright, clear and hydrated skin. The cream is recommended for those who suffer with redness, breakouts, pigmentation, and uneven skin tones as well as those concerned with wrinkling and fine lines. For anyone seeking an even skin tone (filter-free!) a BB Cream blurs imperfections and supports skin health without sensitivity.  

How is it Different to other BB Cream?  

Neutriderm BB Cream has a flash lifting formula that works to address signs of fatigue and pollution (instantly!) while continuous use will smooth the skin and promote a softer glow with long term use. The dual benefits of our BB Cream provide instant and long term skin benefits! 

Neutriderm BB Cream is a gentle, nourishing, pH balanced facial moisturiser designed to achieve the following with each application:  

  • Brighten and even skin tone  
  • Reduce redness and blur skin imperfections  
  • Hydrate and plump the skin for a youthful glow  
  • Fight free radicals and external pollutants for skin health  
  • Protects the skin against UVA and UVB radiation.  

Neutriderm BB Cream won’t exacerbate skin conditions or hinder skin care regimes. Simply cleanse your skin and apply Neutriderm BB Cream for coverage, hydration and superior skin nourishment.  

Neutriderm BB Cream

Are you ready to supercharge your skin care regime with a product that does it all? Add the powerhouse that is Neutriderm BB Cream to your beauty bag today!  

Be prepared for anything with this brand new beautifying tool. Purchase yours here.

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