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July 1st

How to Achieve Fuller, Thicker Hair

Written by Ismay Radisch

Almost 50%* of women experience visible hair loss throughout their lives. Whether this be due to stress, hormonal changes including pregnancy or menopause, or environmental triggers, the reality is we all yearn for a full head of hair as we age.   

Here are some simple ways to encourage thicker, fuller hair.  

1. Address Scalp Health  

The scalp is the key to hair growth success. If you have long suffered with a dry scalp or dandruff, it’s important to rectify these issues first, as scalp conditions can dramatically affect the rate of hair growth and quality.  

Just as important is to avoid over-washing your hair as it removes essentials oils within the scalp that keep both skin and hair hydrated and healthy. A healthy scalp provides the perfect foundation for healthy, luscious hair.  

2. Massage Your Scalp 

When you wash your hair, take your time in massaging your scalp. Just a two-minute scalp massage has shown to encourage hair thickness as it stimulates the hair follicle. This occurs as the action of massaging the hair and scalp physically stretches the hair follicle causing stimulation within the follicle itself. This encourages hair to progress to the growth phase of the hair lifecycle.  

3. Look for Natural Hair Enhancing Ingredients  

While there are many hair enhancing products on the market, it’s important to opt for ingredients that offer long term results. Many over the counter treatments cease to provide results once treatment concludes leading to product dependency.  

Natural ingredients such as Mulberry Root Extract and Sabal Extract have shown to provide long lasting hair regrowth results without side effects. These naturally sourced ingredients have shown to increase hair strength, reduce breakage, encourage hair regrowth as well as anchor hair at the root to reduce hair loss.  

4. Avoid Tension & Heat  

Constant tension on the hair can lead to bald spots and receding hair lines. Likewise, chemical treatments and heat can further damage the quality of hair. This is referred to as Traction Alopecia which is defined as hair loss caused by repetitious tension and hair damage. The good news is this condition is reversible by changing your hair styling habits.  By simply reducing exposure to heat, chemicals and tension, hair will recommence its normal growth pattern in a matter of weeks.  

Designed for all hair types to help strengthen and shield hair against damage, hair fall and hair breakage, Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Conditioner reduces hair breakage by 90% within one month of use.  

Designed to intensively condition and improve hair health and appearance, Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Conditioner deeply penetrates and nourishes each strand to anchor hair at its root and stimulate hair growth with the proven benefits of Mulberry Root Extract and Sabal Extract.  

Purchase you Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Conditioner here.  

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