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September 1st

How to Achieve a Clear, Even Skin tone 

Written by Ismay Radisch

A recent study showed that 56%* of women long for clearer skin, while 66%* grapple with dark circles around the eye. While uneven skin tone is clearly a common concern, many struggle to find the right regime to achieve their clear skin goals.  

We explore the top five ways to super charge your skin care regime for flawless skin with zero fuss.  

#1 Clear Skin Starts Within   

Before we delve into your skin care regime, it’s important to note that diet and lifestyle factors heavily impact the quality and appearance of your skin. Dry, flaking, and dull skin may be a result of dehydration, while poor diet can lead to dark circles and lack lustre skin tone. The first step to achieving a clear complexion should always start with a healthy diet, optimal hydration, and a daily dose of Vitamin D.  

#2 Make your Cleanser Count   

Step 1 of your skin care regime is often overlooked. However, cleansing is just as essential as applying your serums and creams. An active cleanser intensifies your skin care regime with brightening intentions from the get-go. Neutriderm Brightening Bar is an easy-to-use pH balanced cleansing bar with active brightening and skin boosting ingredients. Its formula is designed to provide a flash lifting effect with a simple wash on/wash off action for real long-lasting results.  

#3 Address Pigmentation  

Uneven skin tone is generally caused by areas of hyperpigmentation instigated by environmental damage and hormonal fluctuations. In some skin tones, dark circles are the leading cause for uneven skin tone and darkened scarring. To tackle hyperpigmentation, Neutriderm Brightening Bar contains ingredients which can actively revise darkened areas and prevent further hyperpigmentation. Key ingredient, Retinol, has also shown to encourage collagen and elastin production for an added youthful bounce and glow.  

#4 Be Consistent  

If you struggle to find time for a multi-step beauty regime, look for items to replace your current skin care products with a greater effect – rather than squeezing in extra steps. Opt for convenience, for example products that can be used in your daily shower. Neutriderm Brightening Bar replaces your daily cleanser without adding an additional step to your regime. Even better, it can be used in the shower on the face and body for fast and effective brightening results. Which brings us to our next point.  

#5 Don’t Forget your Body   

We’ve talked about hyperpigmentation and scarring on the face, but what about tackling the uneven skin tone on your body? If you, like many women, struggle with skin darkening on scarred areas, under the arms, knees and intimate areas, Neutriderm Brightening Bar is formulated to be used in the shower on both the face and body – to brighten areas of darkening all over without drying or sensitivity. Switch your regular body wash with Neutriderm Brightening Bar and watch your skin tone woes fade away over continued use.  

Brightening Bar Carton

Neutriderm Brightening Bar is designed to cleanse and soften the skin while brightening darkened areas on both the face and body. Supercharge your shower time with this dual action cleanser designed to boost skin softness, encourage bounce, and even skin tone for a flawless complexion.   

Say goodbye to skin imperfections and uneven skin tone one cleanse at a time. 

Purchase your Neutriderm Brightening Bar here. 

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