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March 3rd

Chemical Free Scar Treatment

Written by Courtney

Scars may come in all shapes and sizes, but they refer to excessive skin tissues that form after recovering from a wound or injury. There are many possible causes of scars, including burns, acne, pregnancy (e.g., c-section incisions or stretch marks), and surgeries. Scar appearances vary depending on their type, such as hypertrophic, fine lines, atrophic, and keloid.  

When left untreated, most scars remain visible even years after a wound or injury. These skin blemishes may leave a lasting negative impact on a person’s self-esteem and quality of life. Therefore, we recommend having your scars treated and repaired at the earliest opportunity.    

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The Most Common Scar Types  

Scars are common. Everyone incurs at least one type of scar in their lifetime, so it is important to know how to treat them. Scars’ appearances differ according to various factors, such as the depth, severity, type of injury, direction of a wound, and the person’s age and nutrition. Some common scar types include keloid, fine line, and hypertrophic scars.  

Keloid Scars

Keloid scars appear as thick, rounded, and irregularly shaped clusters located at the wound site and as an overgrowth beyond its borders. Each keloid scar forms from the collagen (i.e., a structural protein of skin tissue) produced when a body heals. These scars usually have a reddish or slightly dark complexion compared to other skin parts.

Fine Line Scars  

Fine line scars are minor formations that usually fade within six months to two years after a wound heals. They may cause slight discomfort in the form of an itch, and while fine line scars gradually diminish, they still leave a visible mark. Essentially, a fine line scar is a best-case scenario since you can treat them easily with minimal discolouration if you avoid pressure on the wound site.  

Hypertrophic Scars

Similar to keloid scars, these formations usually appear thick and raised. However, unlike keloids, they typically stay within the wound site. These scar formations commonly occur in taut skin areas such as the chest, elbows, and upper arms. While hypertrophic scars may naturally fade, the process could take years and still leave visible blemishes. 

How to Fade Scars- Choosing a Treatment

You should choose the most suitable treatment based on the appearance of your scars. There are many solutions, and some treatments may require multiple sessions. The most widely used scar-minimising treatments include laser surgery, cryosurgery (i.e., freezing the top layer of your skin), silicon dioxide, chemical peels, and cortisone injections.  

You should consider some immediate home treatment measures before and after reaching out to a skincare specialist or medical expert (i.e., post-surgery). These processes include washing the wound with warm water to keep out dirt and other impurities that might cause an infection, essentially sterilising the area to promote healing.  

Each process features varying recovery and healing rates. You should always consider starting your treatment early to achieve the best outcomes. 

Best Chemical-Free Scar Cream Treatment  

While many effective scar treatment options are available, they often involve painful surgical processes or complications, such as worsening the skin’s appearance. Neutriderm KS Cream contains a chemical-free formula made from fresh botanical extracts that provide advanced scar repair through nature’s goodness.  

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Neutriderm KS Cream works effectively against all common scar types and is suitable for every skin type. Additionally, the cream’s soothing ingredients moisturise your skin and keep you cool and fresh while fading your most stubborn scars. Remember to reach out to a GP when in doubt over your scar treatment plan. 

Add Neutriderm KS Cream to your scar treatment regimen today to regain a flawless appearance! 

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