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July 1st

The Best Ways to Fade Scars

Written by Ismay Radisch

Introducing the newest member of the Neutriderm family – Neutriderm KS Cream!

While the body can do so much to repair and heal, scars may never fade on their own. To combat this problematic concern, the brand-new Neutriderm KS Cream is a skin recovery formula designed to encourage optimal skin functioning and healing to reduce the appearance of scarring.  

Why is this formula so unique? Neutriderm KS Cream revises scar texture and tone with the added benefit of relieving discomfort as the scar heals.  

Neutriderm KS Cream is a multi-functional skin recovery formula designed to achieve the following…

Reduce Visible Appearance of Scars  

Neutriderm KS Cream takes a fast and effective approach to scar revision. An expertly crafted blend of skin-ready nutrients reduces the depth of scarring by encouraging cell turnover, increasing skin strength and reducing “thickness”. As healing takes place, Neutriderm KS Cream revises skin tone and redness, fading the appearance of the scar further.  

For new scars, proactive use of ingredients used in Neutriderm KS Cream has shown to reduce the likelihood of scars developing into hypertrophic (raised), or keloid (overgrown) scars – often the most visible kind.  

Relieve Itching and Discomfort  

As the skin heals, the nerves are stimulated. The body responds to this stimulation with a feeling of itching and tightening. Neutriderm KS Cream supports the skin through times of discomfort and itching as it delivers anti-inflammatory support to the skin. Relieving physical inflammation within the area will also reduce redness and encourage healing.  

Repair Skin Damage  

Neutriderm KS Cream supports the skin with ingredients that nourish, hydrate and protect. While antioxidants such as Vitamin E will encourage skin health with skin strengthening qualities, additional ingredients have shown to improve skin texture, softness, and overall appearance. Not only does Neutriderm KS Cream address skin quality through healing, it reduces redness and improves scar colouring on burns, tattoo removal and surgical scarring.  

Effective for All Types of Scars  

Neutriderm KS Cream helps reduce the appearance of all types of problematic scars including raised or hypertrophic, overgrown or keloid scars and sunken or atrophic scars. Harnessing the proven benefits of Retinol, Neutriderm KS Cream revises the texture, thickness and colour of scars caused by stretchmarks, burns, and surgical scars on both the face and body without reactivity or sensitivity. 

Discover the best way to fade the appearance of your scars with Neutriderm KS CreamNeutriderm KS Cream tackles the appearance of scars from several angles while relieving itching and discomfort with natural anti-inflammatory qualities.

Purchase your Neutriderm KS Cream here.  

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