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January 7th

After Sun Skincare Routine

Written by Courtney

Summer is here and we are all enjoying beach days with friends and family, relaxing by the pool and long picnics in the park. We all know how important sun safety is, but despite our best efforts, sometimes we cannot escape the harsh Australian sun. Sunburn can have short and long-term health effects, so it is important to take immediate action to relieve discomfort and rehydrate the skin.

The effects of Sunburn  

A sunburn can form on the skin within 10 minutes. The damage is sometimes irreversible. In severe cases, sunburn can lead toward cancerous growths like melanoma. Over 2,000 Australians die annually from skin cancer. 

The skin color changes because of melanin production, which occurs to prepare against future sun damage. The elasticity is dead in the uppermost part of your skin. Your skin sheds and becomes less effective at handling future burns. 

In the long term, frequent sunburn can cause sped up wrinkle development and increase your risk of skin cancer. Severe sunburns have a higher chance of turning into melanoma, which is a genuine concern if you have a predisposed risk of skin cancer. To reduce the short- and long-term effects of sunburn, we have put together the ideal post-sun skincare routine to reduce the symptoms and heal the skin.

Best Post-Sun Skincare

Cool the skin

After being exposed to the heat, the skin needs to cool down and recuperate. Cold reduces swelling and inflammation. Soak a towel or cloth in icy water and press it onto any areas that are red.

Switch to cool baths and showers

The redness indicates inflammation and tells you that extra blood is flowing to that area. A warm sensation occurs during excess blood flow, which is why sunburns feel hot. To soothe the skin, take frequent cold baths or showers.


After sun exposure, the skin becomes very dehydrated. It is important to apply a deeply hydrating moisturiser to nourish and rehydrate the skin. Moisturiser is also good at offsetting the ageing effects of sunburn. Apply moisturiser twice daily and after showering. Ensure the products you use have natural ingredients and are safe for your skin type. Steer clear of any products that contain harmful ingredients such as alcohol, fragrance or acids. Neutriderm Moisturising lotion is enriched with vitamin E and effectively soothes inflamed skin. It repairs the skin from overexposure to the sun. It is a perfect addition to your beach bag, your handbag or the car to make sure you never get caught out! 

Neutriderm Moisturising Lotion for glowing skin

Drink Water

Drinking water is the best way to rehydrate yourself. Water intake recommendations sit at 2.1 litres a day for females and 2.6 litres a day for males. Your intake should be approximately 0.3 litres higher when pregnant and up to 1.1 litres more when breastfeeding. You should also increase your water intake if your diet contains dehydrating beverages like coffee or soft drinks.

Avoid Further Sun Exposure

Once the skin is showing signs of sunburn, it is important to eliminate exposure to the sun to prevent further damage. Cover the sunburn when going outdoors and always remember to apply SPF every day.

Moisturising Lotion Tube

To avoid the red, itchy and dehydrated skin that comes with sunburn, use Neutriderm Moisturising Lotion to soothe and nourish the skin. This lightweight moistuiser is highly absorbent and leaves the skin smooth and glowing. Purchase yours here.  

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