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A Morning Routine for Glowing Skin

With 72% of women surveyed stating they longed for a natural glow (even more than the 64% wanting youthful skin) we know what women want. It’s all about gaining that healthy glow!

Here’s an easy to follow morning routine for a bright, glowing complexion – fast. 

Step 1: Cleanse

Start your day with a clean slate. We know that cleansing at night is important to remove the nasties your skin encounters during the day such as pollutants and bacteria, as well as make-up. However, a morning cleanse is just as important to remove dead skin cells while also preparing the skin for further products. Look for a cleanser that supports the acid mantle with a pH balanced formula. This is vital for maintaining hydration and avoiding that post-cleanse “dry and tight” feeling.

Step 2: Replenish

Look for antioxidant rich formulations that will supercharge the strength and defence mechanisms within the skin. Restore the skin with ingredients that hydrate and encourage optimal functioning. This is where your serums, creams and oils come into play. Not only do they nourish the skin for immediate hydration and plumpness, they give the skin an instant glow and added vitality.

Step 3: Brighten

This one is the big one. If your skin is looking dull, feeling dry, or lacking overall brightness, a brightening formula will encourage glowing skin like no other. For brightening dark circles, areas of pigmentation, and overall skin tone, natural brightening and exfoliating ingredients such as Retinol and Vitamin C, have shown to work their magic with a gentle yet effective skin renewal action. 

Step 4: Protect

This step is all about protection in the sake of prevention. To avoid further ageing or skin dullness protecting the skin against UV rays is paramount. By reducing the skin’s exposure to harmful UV rays you can encourage a youthful and glowing complexion. If you opt for a whitening cream in your morning routine, always be sure to follow up with an SPF application.

Neutriderm Brightening Bar is a natural brightening bar that regulates the build-up of dead cell matter and encourages a clear complexion. The naturally derived formula harnesses the brightening benefits of Vitamin C and Retinol for subtle and sensitivity-free results. 

By revitalising and renewing the skin’s surface, Neutriderm Brightening Bar discourages skin darkening (such as dark circles) while encouraging an even skin tone and natural glow. Are you ready to get your glow on? This product is a must-have as part of your new beauty regime. Purchase yours here

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