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April 6th

5 Ways to Maintain Hair Volume

Written by Ismay Radisch

Whether it be hormone or habit related, 1 in 3 women notice increased hair loss as they approach 30. The good news is, maintaining hair volume is easy if you follow the below helpful tips.

Tip #1: Eat right

According to certified trichologist Michelle Blaisure, healthy fats are the dietary key to strong and healthy hair. “While genetics determines hair texture and curl, our diet plays a role in how genes can get expressed,” Blaisure says. Blaisure recommends healthy Omega 3’s found in salmon, nuts and avocados for thicker, stronger hair.

Tip #2: Limit use of heated styling tools

Heat is not your friend when it comes to hair volume. While a blow-out may make your hair appear more luscious, the heat itself can damage the cuticle of your hair and leave it vulnerable. Hair that has been compromised by excess heat is more likely to break and snap leaving your hair feeling thinner and less luscious. Keep it cool and save the blowout for special occasions.

Tip #3: Use a gentle styling brush

If you notice increased hair fall when you brush your hair, you might be using the wrong brush. A gentle wide tooth de-tangling brush is all you need to truly tame your tresses. Finer bristled round brushes have shown to be harsher on hair and encourage hair fall as a result. Be gentle and only brush when necessary.

Tip #4: Don’t over-wash your hair

Over-washing can strip the scalp of essential oils – the kind that create the perfect environment for hair to thrive. Support your scalp with a regular shampoo and conditioner routine every three to four days. Opt for a product that focuses on hair growth and volume with active ingredients that have a proven efficacy to maintain luscious locks.

Tip #5: Look for natural ingredients that boost hair growth

Hair industry statistics show that 52% of consumers prefer to buy natural or organic shampoo. Ingredients such as Sabal Extract have shown to have strong hair growth properties which not only encourage growth of new hair, but anchors existing hair at the root for reduced hair fall.

With its dermatologically approved formula, Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Shampoo contains a blend of Sabal Extract and coconut and wheat derivatives. This formulation has proven to effectively cleanse the hair, support hair growth and reduce hair breakage by 90%.

Hair Enhancer Shampoo Bottle

Developed for all hair types in both men and women, Neutriderm Hair Enhancer Shampoo effectively cleans hair while revising the concern of damaged, weak and fragile hair.  

Ready to experience your thickest and strongest hair yet?

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