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June 1st

5 Secrets to Achieve Glowing Skin

Written by Ismay Radisch

Avoid dull skin and patchy complexions this winter with our guide to achieving healthy, glowing skin. Soft, supple and glowing skin can be achieved year-round – here’s how:  

Dry Body Brush  

Just like we exfoliate our face and décolleté, dry body brushing is a fast and effective way to encourage cell turnover on the body. Not only will it remove dull skin cells and reveal the newer cells beneath, dry body brushing also encourages circulation. It stimulates the skin’s lymphatic system to flush toxins and kickstart cell renewal. Brighter, softer skin is a just a dry body brush away.  

Nourish from Within  

As the temperature drops, so does our thirst. However, now is not the time to give up on internal hydration. Instead, opt for small sips of H20 throughout the day, and embrace antioxidant teas and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. By supporting a healthy immune function, the body can support its largest organ – the skin. A healthy, hydrated skin can better defend itself against dehydration AKA skin dryness and dullness.  

Up your Antioxidants  

Antioxidants encourage glowing skin in two significant ways. Firstly, they work to reduce photo damage as they strengthen the skin barrier and prevent pigmentation formation. Secondly, antioxidants such as Vitamin C inhibit the enzyme responsible for melanin production – tyrosinase. Topical antioxidants are a must for clear, bouncy, glowing skin.  


Hydrated skin appears softer, bouncier and is more likely to glow than dull, dry skin. Fact. Lotions and moisturisers deliver moisture directly where it needs to go and holds it onto the skin for long lasting hydration. Lotions replenish the moisture lost from within the skin (in dry climates) and prevents further evaporation with barrier protection. Hydration really is the MVP for bouncy glowing skin.  


Once you’ve achieved a bright and glowing complexion it’s important to maintain your results. To reduce photodamage and further melanin production, products which contain a daily SPF coverage are an essential step in any skin care regime – for both the face and body.  

To fast track skin hydration and brightness, a lotion which contains antioxidants and hydrators is essential for skin health. Neutriderm Brightening Body Lotion packs a punch of skin nourishing and brightening ingredients which address skin darkening and imperfections.  

Brightening Body Lotion Bottle Carton 02

Are you looking to achieve a bright, glowing complexion – all over? Neutriderm Brightening Body Lotion is designed to brighten the skin with an antioxidant rich formulation.  

Packed with Vitamin C and natural skin hydrators Neutriderm Brightening Body Lotion is the key to glowing skin year round, grab yours here.

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