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March 3rd

4 Tips for a Brighter Complexion

Written by Courtney

Healthy skin has a natural, dewy glow. Over the years, environmental factors such as stress, diet, lack of sleep, and even simply the passage of time can rob your skin of its radiant complexion, leaving it looking dull. If your skin has lost its luster, there are steps you can add to your skincare routine to restore it. Check out the following four tips for a brighter complexion.     

1. Cleanse with Cool Water  

Twice-daily cleansing is essential to rid your pores of dirt, oil and pollution particles to allow your skin to breathe. The best products for cleansing are light and gentle on your skin. Note that it is important to cleanse with cool water, not hot, as hot water can dry out your skin and lead to it looking dull.   

2. Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliation is essential to maintain a bright complexion. Regular exfoliation removes the outer layer of dead skin cells, improves cell turnover and allows skincare products to sink deeper into the skin barrier.  

Use a face scrub a couple of times per week to remove dead skin cells and allow your skin to be as radiant as possible. The Neutriderm Exfoliator bundle contains a Vitamin C Facial scrub and a copper activator serum that boosts the vitamin c leaving you with firm, bright skin.

3. Hydrate Inside and Out  

One essential prerequisite for glowing skin is being hydrated. Drink plenty of water to flush toxins out of your skin and provide your cells with the moisture they need. If you find it difficult to remember to drink water, try keeping a large bottle on your desk so you can sip on it while you work, or set an alarm to remind you to have a drink at certain times during the day. 

Once you are in the habit of keeping your body well hydrated, you can use a facial moisturiser to lock that hydration into your skin. Moisturisers allow your skin to reflect light, which can help it to look brighter. For best results over the long term, choose a moisturiser with vitamin E. Neutriderm Moisturising Lotion has unique Vitamin E which helps to form a protective barrier on the outer layer of your skin to prevent moisture loss and keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated.   

4. Use Products with Ingredients that Brighten

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for your body — and it can also bring great benefits to your skin. In addition to brightening skin, products that contain vitamin C also smooth wrinkles, firm up the skin, improve skin texture, contribute to pore refining, and fight the visible signs of aging. Try the Neutriderm C Scrub for an anti-aging product that can firm, lift, and brighten your skin.

You can enhance the effects of vitamin C by adding a copper activator. Copper encourages collagen production and also exerts antioxidant power, with the result that fine lines are reduced, skin tone improved, and the complexion glows with beauty. You only need 2 to 3ml of activator serum to maximize the effects of your vitamin C scrub. 

Exfoliator Bundle

For the best results, Combine the Neutriderm C Scrub with the Neutriderm Copper Activator solution to unleash the power of the active ingredients to restore your bright, radiant complexion. Purchase both products together in the Neutriderm Exfoliator Bundle.

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